Just like the time I grew a beard and all my friends followed suit, Apple's iPhone has spawned a number of copycats. Some of the apps that replicate elements of the device are pretty useless and are all style and no substance.

One Touch Organizer, or OtoO, is, however not one of these mere cosmetic clones and offers genuine functionality. It gives you the power to control your tasks and appointments using your fingers rather than the stylus.

It's pretty intuitive too, allowing you to create new tasks and identify basic fields (title, location and date) using your finger to input the information.

The interface looks gorgeous and borrows heavily from the iPhone OS, which, of course, is no bad thing. There are a few issues to iron out, such as the fact it looks poor on VGA devices, it looks awful in landscape mode and switching between months is very slow.

OtO, or One Touch Organizer, is a Windows Mobile software allowing you to add appointments or tasks on a Windows Mobile phone without the need for a stylus.

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